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Dear everybody

Happy Christmas

I hope everybody's happy.
I'm going to Tasmania today,
so you might have to try to
survive without me for the rest
of the year.
I think you'll make it ok.

All the best, y'all

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i like.
merry christmas fooligan.
are U back for NEW YEARS? HUH? HUH?
better be, i still gotta pay ya back aight!
Sure thing April. I got back an hour ago in fact. Seens like everyone is shouting me on New Years :D
HAPPY christmas?! what will be next? MERRY birthday?! hahahaha
have fun in tassie.
They mean the same thing don't they? My dad always said "Happy Christmas" and I said to him: "Why don't you just say merry?" and he was like: "Why should I?" and I was like: "good point".

Tassie was ok, but I finished my book really fast :( I need more things to read.
and to you good sir.
When are you in Sydney girl??
Damn you and your "rest of the year" wording. Scare me shitless why don't you?

Anyway, cunt-bucket. I'll see you on new years, so you're WRONG.
The Argument is VERY good.